Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Slip-Sliding on the field!
We had loads of fun being a super hero flying down the slide on our tummies. 
Some of the senior kids came out to help. They made sure we knew what to do and encouraged us to go fast!

More fun in the pool at school! 

 Rhion and Ava are so clever to float on their backs!
The noodles are very popular to float on and play with!

Swimming is now over for the year. All students have grown in confidence and learnt how to be safe around water.

We got our first Duffy books today! What a treat to get two books to take home. Children in Room 23 love to read and could not wait to find a comfy spot to check out their new books!


Friday, 9 March 2018

Blog Guidlines for Parents and Caregivers

Blog Guidelines for Parents / Caregivers
Our class blog is a way for us to share our learning with other people. It is very important that we understand how to use the blog and the internet in a safe way.
The following guidelines are in place to ensure the safety of our students when blogging.
  • Photos, examples of work and first names, of class members may be displayed in this blog. Some children may choose to use a blogging nickname instead of their first name for added privacy. Last names, addresses and other personal details will never be used.
  • Parents who leave comments are asked not to use last names either. (Please post comments as “Tara’s mum” or “Ben’s koro”, etc.)
  • All comments submitted will be approved by the teacher before they are included on the blog. You are encouraged to comment directly to the children, asking them questions about their learning.
  • Proof-read your comments carefully. Students should have a family member check for spelling mistakes before submitting a comment.
  • Everyone in the class is encouraged and given time to write blog entries and comments. They are welcome to do this at home as well, with parent support. All posts need to be approved by the teacher before they are seen online. Posts will go through edits and revisions before the teacher posts them.
  • Always write in full sentences and words – we want to model a high standard of writing to the children.

If you have any other questions or comments about the security of our blog, please contact the teacher. We hold your children’s safety online as a high priority.

Mosaic Art

Mosaic Art

Room 23 has been learning how to create Mosaic art using cardboard tiles.  First we focused on combining our learning of the letters in our names and mosaic art to create name boards.

Then we worked collaboratively this week to make Frangipani petals to create a large flower and also work together on 3 different sized Koru's to represent the new growth, learning and the coming together our our paths as our new Whanau and their children enter our class and Manurewa Central School. We can't wait to display them in class.

The children worked really well together to complete these pieces and will be excited to share them with you.



We swim everyday at our school and we are having a great time.  We have learnt how to be safe at the beach and in the pool.  We know what to do if we get into danger in the water and we have made great improvements in our confidence.  Watch out for the notice about our swimming carnival and you can come along and see how awesome we are in the water.

The Couch

The couch in our space was a $5 bargain from trade me, up-cycled into the comfy chair we enjoy daily.  Most days you can find children reading on it, parents reading to their children on it, staff having a korero together and if you catch them at the right time even staff member having a lie down on it.

The best time though, is when you catch our children reading stories and books to each other on it. Watch below.

Not bad for a $5 dollar bargain.

Slip-Sliding on the field! We had loads of fun being a super hero flying down the slide on our tummies.  Some of the senior kids came o...